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Tilles Office Building Froehlich Farm Blvd Woodbury NY
     Tilles office building, Froehlich Farm Blvd.
     Woodbury NY

We're Local

You no longer have to deal with brokers who represent companies that are located thousands of miles away! This means quick, easy access to our plant and top managers, whenever questions come up. 

We're Reliable

Throughout our 50+ years in the construction industry, KUNO STEEL PRODUCTS CORP. has earned a reputation for on-time, dependable, consistent, quality performance.

Our plant and equipment are constantly being upgraded to include the latest technology. Every job that leaves our facilities represents the very best in:

  • Precision
  • Hi-Tech Mechanization
  • Quality Assurance 

We're Experienced

At KUNO STEEL PRODUCTS CORP. you always work with top management. Thats because our management team believes in a hands-on approach to solving your construction problems. Walter Weckenmann worked his way up through the ranks, making sure he understood every step involved in every process, before taking the helm of his parent's company. He insists on the same depth of experience for each of his employees. You're assured of immediate access to someone who will respond quickly to your concerns, because all of our projects are closely monitored by decision-makers who have both professional and technical expertise.

We Furnish All Necessary Parts And Services

All phases of your project are carefully pre-planned and coordinated to make sure they come together with no delays and no missing parts.

In addition to the steel frame, KUNO STEEL PRODUCTS CORP. also supplies joists, decks, and any other steel or iron assemblies you need. Let us handle the complete Structural Steel Package.


Our meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the way we handle every stage of your project-from initial draft drawings to final erecting.


KUNO STEEL PRODUCTS CORP. has integrated the latest changes in construction technology into every phase of operation-from estimating to computeraided drafting, fabrication, and billing.

After we convert your architecta & engineers drawings into shop drawings, the correct measurements are entered into our computers. State-of-the-art punching and cutting equipment ensures that every column and connector of every building we erect exactly matches the original drawings.


All steel that enters our plant meets the most exacting government and industry standards. To meet your specifications and our own standards of excellence, each fabricated unit is painstakingly checked once more before it leaves the shop.

The Green Vale School, Old Brookville NY

"We're Big Enough To Handle Large Jobs... Small Enough To Give You Personalized Service"

Every job we fabricate or erect is important to us, so your project, no matter how large or small, receives our full attention. Because customized production is our specialty, we're able to satisfy even the most unusual requirements.

Your building is fabricated right here, in our own plant, where each component is carefully checked before being trucked to the erecting site. Because we're so conveniently located, you can personally check on the progress of your structure.

Green Vale School

We understand that your facility represents a capital investment that demands quality, long life, and meeting financial timelines. We never take shortcuts: we use only the finest materials and completed framing.

At KUNO STEEL PRODUCTS CORP., you could say that "steel" is in our blood. Kuno was chosen at a young age to study with a Master Blacksmith. He learned to forge steel at the tender age of 14. It was only natural that he would take up the craft of structural steel. Still today, we at Kuno Steel learned those masterful skills, and apply Kuno's training, along with the schooling from today's technology to each and every job. Every employee here learns every aspect of the steel business, and every customer is important to us. You can say "we don't just fabricate steel we forge relationships with old fashioned values" As Kuno was taught to shape iron and steel, we can help you construct your project.


Complete Warehouse Service * State-Of-The-Art Computerized Fabrication Facility

Flitch Plates * Beams * Pipes * Angles * Sheets * Lintels * Tubings * Channels
Metal Deck * Bar Joist * Expanded Metal * Flats * Hook-Up Anchors
Diamond Floor Plates * Concrete Filled Columns * Steel Bending 150 Tons
Shearing 1/2" x 10' * Crane Service

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